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Take Charge of Your Money!

Change Your Brain, Change Your Financial Life!

With the Embodying Financial Flow Intensive

10 Weeks - Infinite Financial Possibilities

Introducing The Embodying
Financial Flow Intensive

A 10-week Intensive Online Experience

Mondays at 2:00 PM October 10-December 12, 2022 Eastern

You give your heart and soul to your work as a private practice therapist.  

Isn’t it time your financial life reflected your dedication and passion?

Breaking through the barriers to a better relationship with money

You are an expert in the therapy room.  You feel secure and confident in your clinical skills. We believe you can feel the same way about your financial life. You just have to let go of the emotionally-charged "stuff" about money you've been carrying around for some time.

Your relationship with money goes way back and is multi-faceted and complicated… And because you and just about every human on the planet needs it to survive, facing how you relate to money alone can feel overwhelming, shame-producing, and downright terrifying. 

This is Your Brain on "Money Scripts"

The term Money Scripts was coined by Dr. Brad Klontz, a pioneer in the financial psychology industry.  He describes them as subconscious, partial truths we pick up along the way throughout our lives and that influence the ways we act toward and with money.

Money habits, blocks, money beliefs, “money scripts,” and negative experiences with money get stored deep in the subcortical regions of your brain.  That’s why all the mindset work you’ve done around money hasn’t moved the needle forward. For permanent, lasting change, you need an approach that goes beyond the surface.  

Our Proven 5-Step Method To Financial Freedom

Brainspotting is a brain-wise, focused mindfulness process that works by bypassing your thinking brain and accessing the places where your money blocks live–in your subcortical brain.  In the Embodying Financial Flow Intensive, we use Brainspotting to help you eliminate what’s standing in the way of your achieving true financial security. 

Our proven 5-Step Process walks you through the most important areas of your financial picture and helps you identify key beliefs, scripts, behaviors, experiences, and attitudes that are cutting off the flow of money in your life.


Earning & receiving the money you've earned


Saving money for a rainy day in a safe place


Within your means and without feeling like you’re on a financial diet


Investing/growing what you’ve earned


Giving from a place of abundance

The Embodying Financial Flow Intensive Group Experience

  • Closed group, limited to 20 clinicians
  • Ten week-long journey, focusing on improving the way you earn, spend, save, invest & give money
  • Group Brainspotting exercises that target what’s clogging up the natural flow of money in your life
  • Weekly meetings to keep you motivated and supported
  • Expert instruction on how to use Self-Brainspotting with a peer “spotter” to work through your stickiest money stuff between group sessions
  • Instructional videos to help you and the group get the most out of your Self-Brainspotting experience
  • Electronic workbook/journal with prompts
  • Facebook private group with accountability check-ins & Peer support (because we heal in community!)

Embodying Financial Flow is the program for you if you…

  • Really want financial security but also think “money is bad” or believe deep down that you don’t deserve to have money.
  • Cringe when the credit card bill arrives
  • Offer discounts to clients then kick yourself later
  • Fantasize about not taking insurance but feel too afraid to pull the trigger
  • Avoid thinking about your finances but suffer from bills-on-the-brain insomnia
  • Feel intimidated when it’s time to meet with your CPA
  • Know you should do more to save for retirement but feel too uninformed to take action
  • Keep postponing your taxes
  • Don’t know where to start when it comes to getting your financial life moving in the right direction
  • Feel guilty or shameful about your past or current financial mistakes
  • Try to assuage your discomfort about the future by saying, “I love being a therapist! I don’t ever plan to retire!.”
  • Believe everyone else has their financial stuff together (or at least are way ahead of you)
  • Hate doing hard things alone
  • Love working with like-minded colleagues because they “get you.”

Meet Your Financial Flow Facilitators:

Hi!  I am Cynthia Schwartzberg, Senior Brainspotting Trainer, Certified Brainspotting Consultant, Advanced Brainspotting Practitioner, I have spent nearly 40 years helping people just like you shift patterns that no longer serve them using brain/body approaches, and I believe you can discover long lasting changes you never thought were possible through this program.

And I’m Beth Medina, Certified Brainspotting Consultant, Advanced Brainspotting Practitioner, and private practice therapist. I'm certifiably obsessed with helping people just like you get to the root of unhealthy, subconscious money beliefs, and behaviors.

The Intensive Details

Mondays at 2:00 PM October 10-December 12, 2022 

Mondays (All times are in Eastern time-EDT)

Week 1: October 10 from 2-4pm

Week 2: Oct 17 Q & A from 2-3 pm

Week 3: Oct 24 2-4pm

Week 4: Oct 31 from 2-4pm

Week 5: Nov 7 Q & A from 2-3pm

Week 6: Nov 14 from 2-4pm

Week 7: Nov 21  Q & A from 2-3pm

Week 8: Nov. 28 from 2-3:30 pm

Week 9: Dec 5 Q &A from 2-3pm

Week 10: Dec 12 from 2-3:30pm

Bonus class Mon, Feb 27 from 2-4pm

Your Investment

FINANCIAL INVESTMENT: $1,750 if paid in full upon signup, or $1,900, paid in increments of $190, starting with signup and charged at the end of weeks 1-9.

TIME INVESTMENT: minimum of three hours per week. Did you know the average person wastes 3 hours a day either watching TV or scrolling through social media platforms? Your financial success is worth dedicating at least three hours a week.

You can change your financial situation without struggling alone or hoping for a winning lottery ticket 

A Special Message for You!


How much is the program?

The financial investment is $1750 if you pay upfront for the ten-week program.  If you would like a payment plan, you will pay $190 weekly for 10 weeks.

Does it make sense to spend more money if I’m trying to work on my money issues?

 If a client asked if it made sense to seek individual counseling if their spouse complains that they don’t spend enough time with them, what would you tell them? Entering this program isn’t going to magically fix all your money issues, but when you approach what’s blocking you with curiosity, time, and attention, you will begin to release what’s holding you back from financial freedom. We believe the work you do has endless value, and we want to support you in creating a financial life that reflects that. Only you can decide if you agree. 

I like the idea of a group setting, but I feel so much shame around money that I’m afraid I will clam up and not share. How much do I have to reveal?

Share what you’re comfortable sharing each week as the safety and courage of our confidential group inspires you to share more.

How often will we be meeting?

The group will meet once a week together, then you’ll be doing work on your own and also with another participant from the program. We suggest you meet with your partner once a week so you can help one another work through your money stuff between group meetings.

What if I can’t make the meetings?

Live attendance is required. There will be no recordings due to the sensitive nature of the information participants share. If you miss a meeting, you can refer to the workbook and work with your spotting partner on any content you have missed from the live meeting.

If I get stumped, how do I reach out for guidance?

Just about every other week, we will have a Q & A, where you can ask questions, troubleshoot, and get support. We also have a private Facebook group just for your cohort, where you can connect, ask questions, get support, share your wins and whoopsies, and get info on the assignments for the week, as well as the zoom info for the meetings if you can’t find the link. :)

I know I’ll be with other colleagues who are working on their money stuff, too, but I’m afraid I’ll be shamed by others because we are in a different situation financially. What if I don’t really “fit?”

We hear you. It can feel really uncomfortable to think of working on your money stuff if you’re the only one with a lot of credit card debt, or if you’re goal is to stop avoiding investing the sizable savings you have, or anything in between. The group is about healing your relationship with money by working through the negative beliefs, experiences, messages, and other head trash that are blocking the natural flow of money in your life. No matter where you started and no matter where you are on your financial journey, you belong. 

What if I need more support?

Can I meet one on one with either Cynthia or Beth? You may be surprised how much you’re able to clear out by just doing the group work and working with your journal and your spotting partner, but if you feel stuck and want to do some individual work, you may contact Beth or Cynthia to request a session at an additional cost since there are no individual sessions offered with this program. 


This course offered opportunity to heal our money relationship, emphasis on relationship. The benefit, I think, was directly linked to the amount of input each participant put in. This is not a course to "skim" or be cursory. Both instructors were expert in knowledge, wisdom, and heart.


I'm earning more than I ever have, and I don't feel guilty about it. I also have the margin to extend pro bono and volunteer work without burnout. I have an aggressive plan to rid my debt and save for retirement


Participating in the Financial Flow program with Cynthia and Beth was a wonderful opportunity to challenge many of my patterns and beliefs around money. They were both very professional and nonjudgemental about where the group members were on their journey. They also were very attuned to the needs of the group, and were worked to add extra sessions to help meet the needs of the group. If you want to clear any barriers to your growth in the area of your financial well being, this is a program that can get you off to a very good start and is set up to help you explore comfortably with brainspotting any subconscious beliefs and experiences that have prevented you from being a success. Not only did i come away with some great techniques to use for myself with brainspotting, but lots of ideas in helping clients deal with their own issues.


Since I had no idea of the magnitude of my problem, it's been amazing to realize, label, and transform scripts. Financial matters get handled with ease in a timely manner. I'm open to shifting options and am anxiety free. Really, it feels as though the "boogieman" is far off in my rear view mirror. I'm optimistic and anchored in my value. I believe in myself. 


This course has taught me to no longer be intimidated by money and be frozen to act. I appreciate the support that I received from Beth and Cynthia. They are a good team and have the right balance to offer me the motivation to not give up on myself when it comes to me feeling incompetent around money.